A massage device with a shape-changing soft body and force control. The device can be controlled manually, automatically and remotely. The difference from other controllable stimulators is a higher concentration of energy that ensures perceivable physical action and a strong emotional effect. The tested method of physical action can be used for massaging devices, simulators and stimulators of different configurations.

The first prototype with simplified design

To enable the device, the user has to swipe a magnetic key over a secret area. The case lid will open automatically and the device will be ready for work. Touching the sensor will increase the stimulator size. The stimulator has two zones. The first one expands moderately, but quickly. The second one can expand substantially, but not as fast as the first one. The size is increased until the target pressure level is reached. That is why the stimulator will not grow in size so considerably inside the body. Touching the upper edge of the sensor creates minimal pressure. The user can swipe a finger from the top to the bottom of the sensor to increase the pressure. Releasing the sensor will decrease the size of the stimulator. The stimulator can create pressure identical to that in human blood vessels, which makes it possible to recreate sensations comparable with the force of a real partner. The stimulator features built-in decorative lighting and a vibrator. The stimulator can be controlled via a computer or smartphone. The software can synchronize the work of the stimulator with the rhythm of a sound track played back on the computer. As shown in the special demo video, the size of the stimulator can change synchronously with the movements of the actors. The stimulator can be controlled remotely over the Internet. Once used, the stimulator should be put back into the case and locked by swiping a magnetic key over a designated area. The lid will close and the device will turn off. The built-in battery lasts for 1 hour and requires a regular AC power supply to recharge. The device is safe and uses low voltage. The pressure it creates does not exceed the standard human arterial pressure. Water is used for increasing the volume of the stimulator (requires no external water source). If a wire or pipe gets damaged, the pressure and the size of the stimulator will be automatically reduced.

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